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Distillery Experiences

Winchester Distillery Experiences

Gin Experience

In this private session you will join our master distiller to explore the world of distilled gin to create your very own bottle using a blend of juniper and our ever-increasing selection of botanical distillates - perfect for birthdays, weddings or other special occasions.

Prices are £96 per person for a maximum of 20 people, including complimentary drinks, access to the distillery laboratory, botanicals, botanical distillates and a personalised bottle of gin to take home.

You can book the gin experience online, or if you require a private group session please contact us directly.

Distiller Experience

For something even more exclusive, you can book a private session with our master distiller who will work with you to create and distill your own spirit recipe - be it a gin, flavoured vodka or liqueur.

Prices for this incredibly special event, ideal for individuals, couples or groups up to 20, start at £360 for a one-to-one session with the master distiller which includes complimentary drinks, use of the stills, all botanicals, neutral spirit and the formulation of a single recipe. Each additional person joining you will be charged at £72, and extra bottles of the final spirit can be purchased for £42 each.

The Distiller Experience takes place on Saturday mornings, and you can reserve a session through our Eventbrite page. We will then contact you to discuss your specific requirements. If you require a private session for a specific day or time please contact us directly.

All prices include VAT at 20%.