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Bespoke Spirits

We design, produce and bottle spirits for third-parties who wish to launch a brand without the time, cost and licenses that would otherwise be required to make it themselves.

We're able to produce bespoke gin, rum, vodka, whisky and liqueurs in batches from as small as 100 litres, and can provide complete bottling solutions for batch sizes of just 500 bottles upwards.

If you're looking to launch a spirits brand or are simply need some advice then please complete the enquiry form below and we'll be in touch.

Common Questions

Product Development

What spirits can you produce?

We can product most types of vodka, gin, rum, brandy, whiskey and liqueurs all in-house. We can also source other spirits from around the world that we are unable to produce ourselves due to geographical protection or unavailability of raw materials in the UK (e.g. Tequila, Bourbon, etc)

What services do you offer?

We can provide full spirits development - from concept to delivery. This includes recipe formulation, fermentation, distillation, rectification, ageing, compounding, blending, filtering, bottling and packing.

Can you help us develop our brand?

Our main focus is in creating the best liquid that we can for your requirements and budget. Brand development requires a very specialised set of skills that are best left to the professionals in this area. We can of course advise and recommend partners who may be able to help you.

Do you have stock spirits we can rebrand?

We have white label recipes for vodka, gin and rum that you can use for your brand, or we can help you with recipe formulation for personalised private label spirits should your brand demand it and budget allow.

Can we use your bottles and stoppers?

We have a small selection of stock bottles and stoppers that you may be able to use for very small production runs. However we advise you to select packaging materials from a bottle supplier that better reflect your brand and target market.

Production Runs

What are your lead times for production?

Lead times vary throughout the year and range from 2 weeks when quiet up to 6 weeks during the busiest periods. We recommend you plan well ahead to aviod running out of stock, especially at key times such as Christmas or Easter.

How does a production run work?

You contact us to book in a production date to create the required liquid and we will provide a date when this will be ready for bottling. This will typically be a few days for unaged spirits such as gin but could be several weeks, months or even years should a period of maturation be required.

Once the liquid is ready for bottling we will book in a bottling date and you will be expected to make all the packaging materials available at the distillery a few days before.

Once bottling is complete and either the duty has been paid or a bonded transfer booked in, the batch will be made available for collection from the distillery for delivery to your warehouse.

What will we need to manage?

You will need to provide us with all packaging materials prior to your scheduled bottling run. This includes bottles, stoppers or screw caps, labels, anti-tamper closures and packing boxes.

How much does a batch cost?

Our white-label spirits price list is available by request. For private label spirits it is very difficult to provide a price until we understand the production process and ingredients your require as well as the complexity of filling and finishing your packaging materials (bottle, label, closure, etc).

Can you store our finished goods?

Sadly we have little storage space so once your bottling run is complete we expect you to have the goods collected as soon as possible.


What licenses will I need?

To sell spirits to consumers you will need a designated personal license holder and a registered licensed premises from which to conduct your trade. If you also wish to sell your products wholesale to other businesses you will need an AWRS number from HMRC.

Should you wish for finished goods to be delivered duty-unpaid to a bonded warehouse you will also need to register a warehouse keeper at the site using a WOWGR.

Can you store our finished goods under bond?

We are not allowed to store finished goods under bond here at the distillery. Once bottling is complete your batch will need to have the duty paid before release or a bonded movement transfer created for delivery to long-term bonded storage warehouse or for export.

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