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Hampshire Collins

In cocktail folk-law there are many stories of the creation of the Collins...

Winter Wassail Warmer

A refreshing winter-warmer for cold nights and outdoor events...

Autumn Bramble Gin & Tonic

A fruity twisted on a classic G&T using our limited edition Autumn Hedgerow gin...

Summer Garden G&T

A refreshing summer G&T to enjoy on a balmy summer evening.

Watercress & Basil Gin Smash

This gin-pesto combo is simply smashing! You must give it a go.

Hampshire Bloody Mary

A spicy Bloody Mary with the hit of our wasabi vodka.

Gin Old Fashioned

A classic whisky cocktail reinvented with our oak-aged gin.

Hampshire Martini

Learn how to make a Hampshire Martini: twisted, not stirred!

Twisted Nose Gin & Grapefruit Tonic

Create a classic gin and tonic, with a fresh Hampshire twist.

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