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Community Casks

An Invitation to Shape the Future

As custodians of a new wave of English distillation, we invite you to join us on a unique journey by helping to put Winchester Distillery on the world whisky map.

As a small, boutique distillery we do not have the financial means to lay down hundreds of barrels for maturation. Instead, we're extending an opportunity to our followers to invest in our casks. Your support is crucial in removing the financial barriers to ageing spirits for an extended duration, to unlock depths of character and flavour intensity, and add significant value to our future spirits offering.

Picture this: English virgin oak, sourced from sustainable Northern forests, meticulously shaped in an artisan cooperage in Yorkshire, then filled with our new make malt spirit for 3+ years, culminating in the creation of truly exceptional whiskies.

Only you can help us make this dream into a reality, and your support will be rewarded.

Here's how it works:

  • Each year we release a limited number of casks to you - our investors and customers
  • You purchase a cask, allowing us to pay for the the barrel, the spirit and the costs of storage in our secure bonded warehouse during maturation.
  • Once the whiskey is ready there are a number of options:
    • Cash Reward: Winchester Distillery will purchase the cask back from you at your original purchase price, plus 25% interest on your investment.
    • Stock Reward: Winchester Distillery will purchase the cask back from you and, once bottled, you receive 6 cases of your whisky free, worth at least 40% of your original investment - much more if you agree to let it mature for longer.
    • Private Purchase: Winchester Distillery will bottle the entire cask for your own supply as and when you wish.


Investing in cask whisky in the UK presents notable financial perks. The value of whisky casks generally appreciate over time, making it a profitable investment. This is complemented by the diversification benefit it adds to an investment portfolio, reducing risk during turbulent times. In the UK, whisky is exempt from VAT, alcohol duty and Capital Gains Tax when in the cask. Additionally, owning a whisky cask offers personal enjoyment and prestige whilst knowing you are helping a small local business to thrive amongst global giants.

Next steps

To register your interest, select the type of cask investment you'd like in the drop-down list above, add it to your cart and complete the checkout to secure your cask reservation. There is no fee and no binding contract at this stage, and barrels will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Cask prices will be sent on application.

We need a minimum number of investors to make each cask release viable, and we will be in touch again with further details once we reach this point.

Risk Mitigation

Acknowledging the inherent risks in any investment, we prioritise transparency and security. Each investment is backed by a physical cask of maturing spirit, appreciating in value year on year. With our community cask investments, you are the legal owner of the casks during the maturation period and, should anything happen to Winchester Distillery, the cask is yours to keep or sell on.

Embark on this Journey with Us

Join us in shaping the future of English whisky distillation. Sign up for a no-fee, no-commitment cask today, and be part of a legacy that unfolds with each passing year. Your involvement is not just an investment; it's a shared journey into the heart of English spirits craftsmanship. 🥃🇬🇧

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